I Have A Severe Case of Fliggatory

Eating out with my family at a restaurant is quite an experience.  My family is known for making up their own dishes at restaurants, and a menu means nothing to us. We are really a chef’s worst nightmare. My sister Hayley has what sounds like a made-up allergy called gustatory rhinitis, but that is a whole blog post in itself, and my dad and brothers are the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. I think that is why I have become a picky eater as well. I am a rather picky eater, which definitely presents some challenges when venturing out to new restaurants in the city. By picky I mean everything has to be plain. You should here my Chinese food order. My friends tease me because the craziest thing I order is chicken fried rice. My usual is plain steamed chicken with broccoli and clear wonton broth with white rice. Exciting right? But I am trying to expand my food options and sophisticate my palate. I just tried beets the other day, and loved them! I am making strides here my friends. So over the years, I have learned how to take an item on a menu no matter what restaurant I’m at, and alter it to my liking. Some restaurants are very open to altering menu items to my liking, but some places are not so eager, which makes things a little more difficult and a bit more interesting. I’m not allergic to any foods and thankful for that, but I have found that if a person is allergic to a food, the chef is much more likely to alter the dish than if you just don’t like something about the dish.

This has led me to yet another brilliant plan, or what seemed like a brilliant plan at the time, concocted by myself. Hayley, our friend Melissa and I were out at a new Italian restaurant for dinner and everything on the menu was extremely spicy. Can’t a girl get some plain fresh homemade spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce without a bam of this and splash of that? Well when I asked the waiter if I could get the meal without all of the extra spices, his reply was a short “no.” Well I had no choice but to reply “I’m sorry, but I have a severe case of fliggatory and can’t eat it with those spices.” Fliggatory? Really? It sounded good, and you know what, he totally believed me! Who is going to question what my quite rare and unfortunate fliggatory is? He certainly didn’t. Next thing you know, I’m brought a big bowl and fresh spaghetti and tomato sauce with no spices! This case of fliggatory that I have is only used when necessary and should only be used in times of emergencies. It’s extremely effective, but be prepared because you will most definitely get a look from the waiter like “what the nell?!”

Can't go wrong with dessert!

Can’t go wrong with dessert!



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